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BI Dashboard

An end-to-end analytics and reporting solution – built on Microsoft Power BI – to help you discover useful HR insights for strategic decision making.

Powerful Reporting

With a few clicks, you can generate a valuable custom HR report for management that will lead to better decisions regarding hiring, promotion.

On Premise & On Cloud Solution

The business can choose which data needs to be housed on a private cloud based on compliance and organization requirement.

Seamless Integration

Our Integration API provides you seamless connections between your integrated software’s so that you just focus on your business to grow.

HCM Software for any industry

To transform your business management into a better and faster form, HCM Software is the answer. Find out more here.

Technology & Services

White-collar services companies are actively looking for robust HCM software that makes the employee's experience essential. It can be tricky for white-collar companies to manage thousands of employees without proper digital assistance. Hence, with HCM software, every staff will have a profile that would secure and fasten several day-to-day processes.

Pharma & Manufacturing

It takes both white & blue-collar into consideration. Hence, this software aids in payroll procedures. If your organization deals with blue-collar workers, this software is the most suitable for you. It will track all the leaves, timing, offs, etc. and generate payroll for every staff individually.

Banks & Financial Services

An entire module of HCM is present for financial institutions. Including compliance, audit, economic features, etc. With banks & financial services, there are a few factors to concentrate more on. Therefore, this software provides foolproof data security, compliance, regular auditing, etc. Besides, it is perfect for maintaining the overall profile of their staff.

Retail & Other Industries

Industries with innumerable employees can store their staff information at one location, accessible to whoever they assign. There is a heavy working force required in retail, construction, etc. Therefore, it can become chaotic to track the workforce individually. With this module, every staff detail will be at your fingertips anytime and anywhere.

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Why Choose Shift HRMS?

fully configurable

Fully Configurable

Modify policies, profile fields, documents and workflows from scratch to perfectly meet your requirements.

data security

Data Security

Safeguarding digital data, like those in databases, from damaging processes and unwelcome acts of unauthorized access.

data privacy

Data Privacy

Supports Secure Socket Layers (SSL) which transmit encrypted data ensuring complete data confidentiality.

audit & cybersecurity

Audit & Cybersecurity

A computer security audit is a thorough company's IT infrastructure. It detects security risks and threats, as well as flaws and high-risk behaviours.

stable and scalable

Stable and Scalable

New consumer attempts to purchase from the website and fails, you have probably lost him for good. Goal to expand and the digital infrastructure that supports.

powerful reporting

Powerful Reporting

With intuitive visual dashboards and comprehensive reports. you'll have every single employee's complete information on your fingertips!

Web Based Cloud Employee Management HRMS in UAE

Best Web Based Employee Managemennt HR Software in Dubai, UAE

The state of the art web based HR software solutions that Shift HRMS offers is game changer for HR departments and employees. With features like automated Leave, Attendance Payroll and Employee Self Service- ESS, and specifically tailored according to UAE labour laws Shift HRMS delivers a world class HRMS Experience. A Truly Modern aged software that leverages the strength of Cloud Computing providing a fully scalable HR solutions to UAE.

Seamless Integration

Identify Basic Requirements

Determine basic requirements including the input and output information desired.

Develop Initial Design

The initial design is developed that includes only user interfaces.


The customers, including end-users, examine the design and provide feedback on potential additions or changes.


Individual components are tested and integrated with the system and its subsystems

Shift HRMS integration

Do you have questions?

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we hear from our appreciated customers

HRMS stands for "Human Resource Management System". A tool designed to manage and access End to End HR and Payroll Management of a company.

It helps you to streamline all aspects of the HR and payroll processing system. It has a user-friendly interface; modules are integrated and can be customized for varying business needs, covering all aspects of payroll requirement across industries.

SHIFTR HRMS is suited for all companies operating in the MENA region looking to automate their internal HR processes. It works best for companies from 30 up to 5000 full-time employees.

We have both on-premise and cloud versions of HRMS. However, there are various benefits to using the cloud, including:

  • Cost-effectiveness: Unlike a hosted system, establishing, growing, and maintaining cloud infrastructure is less expensive than doing so for locally hosted servers. Therefore we can offer you a lower price.
  • Uptime and protection: We work with top-tier platform suppliers that follow stringent security practices and subscribe to a Service Level Agreement that assures 24/7/365 availability and 99.99 per cent uptime.
  • Disaster recovery: Our cloud architecture is much more stable and consistent than in-house IT infrastructures. Your company may make use of a large pool of redundant IT resources as well as a quick failover mechanism - if a server fails, hosted applications and services can be moved to any of the other servers.
  • Paperless/touchless experience: Because of Covid-19 and the new environment we live in, using solutions that enable you to onboard your staff remotely is invaluable. Shift HRMS allows you to remotely onboard, train, update, operate, and maintain the platform, ensuring that you and your loved ones are safe and secure.
  • More regular releases: Using a cloud architecture enables us to introduce new features and improve current ones with less disruption to your daily operations faster.

To ensure protection of data we are partnered with top cloud solution providers like Microsoft Azure, AWS. Backed by 99.95% availability SLA and 24×7 tech support, the platform provide highest level of resilience and security to help you meet the security needs of your business and protect your users, devices, resources, data, and applications in the cloud.

Additionally, we as a SAAS application provider take the following measures to ensure the data protection conforms to highest security standards

  1. Prevent unauthorized data access
  2. The advance data protection also helps you monitor and regulate user permissions.

  3. Regular data backups and restorations
  4. Being cloud-based, our software protects your data against theft, loss, power failures or any other potential threats by maintaining regular backups and restoration. This ensures that your data is available whenever you need it.

  5. Prevent unauthorized data access
  6. The advance data protection also helps you monitor and regulate user permissions.

  7. Timely software updates and improvements
  8. We make continuous improvements to our software to meet your changing business needs, be it by adding minor or major feature updates or even fixing security issues. Best of all, upgrades are free.

  9. Continuous monitoring of security issues
  10. With constant monitoring and reporting, our automated accounting software quickly notifies you of any potential security threats before they become a series issue. This ensures that there's no disruption to run your business.

Yes. Shift HRMS is a cloud-based solution, and both the web and mobile app can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Yes. The Shift HRMS is tailored to satisfy the requirements of the GCC, including payroll and labour law conformance.

Yes. Upon signing up, one of our representatives will contact you to set up your account and guide you through the different modules.

Shift HRMS has a fast-track implementation process that typically takes from 2 to 6 calendar weeks. This depends on the modules purchased, customization required.

Shift HRMS has API that allows to integrate with third party solutions

We have a comprehensive Service Level Agreement (SLA). Our live support hours are from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM Saturday through Thursday. We also offer one-on-one assistance with implementation and training.

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